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2013 Advent Podcasts & Resources

Deepen your Advent experience with spiritual resources from the New England Province of Jesuits and other online sources to prepare for Christmas.  Our podcasts and online Advent  reflections offer perspectives and suggestions from Jesuits on enriching the Advent season.  Listen to, read, click through, and share with friends and family these 2013 Advent podcasts and resources.

Advent Reflections Podcasts

Enjoy these podcasts throughout the Advent season as guides to deepening your Advent experience and Ignatian spirituality. Hear perspectives from several different Jesuits on topics relavent to our Advent journey.  Listen here on the web or download the episodes to your computer, iTunes, media device, or smartphone for enjoyment at any time. Visit the New England and New York Province channel on ITunes for other seasonal podcasts.

Advent Week 1: Anticipating Joy

St. Ignatius tells us to "seek God in all things." Advent is a time to seek God, and to look forward to Jesus’ coming into our lives anew at Christmas. Begin Advent with Fr. Jack Butler, SJ; Fr. Robert Farrell, SJ; and Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ as they speak about Ignatian Spirituality, Advent themes and practices, and "Anticipatory Joy."

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Advent Week 2: Using the Examen During Advent

God is at work at every moment of our lives and calls us to respond. The Examen helps Jesuits to become more aware of God's action in everyday life. Fr. Jack Butler, SJ, and Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ, explain how the Examen works, and why it can be useful during Advent.

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Advent Week 3: Imaginative Prayer

St. Ignatius developed a method of slowly reading and praying with Scripture known as "Imaginative Prayer." Set aside some time to join Fr. Joseph Laramie, SJ, in this guided meditation on the Incarnation and the Angel Gabriel's announcement to Mary that she would bear "the Son of the Most High" (Luke 1:32).

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Advent Week 4: Advent Gifts & Graces

"So many people today identify themselves by what they have. It's so important to identify ourselves by what we give away," says Fr. William Russell, S.J. Listen as he and Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ, offer their thoughts on living in gratitude, giving gifts, and caring for the poor during Advent and at Christmas.

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About the Presenters

Fr. Jack Butler, SJ, is the Vice President of Mission and Ministry at Boston College.
Fr. Michael Boughton, SJ, is the provincial assistant for formation the Maryland, New England and New York Provinces.
Fr. Robert Farrell, SJ, is a professor of English at Boston College.
Fr. William Russell, SJ, is the assistant prefect of St. Mary’s Chapel at Boston College.
Fr. Joseph Laramie, SJ, is the director of the pastoral department at Rockhurst High School.

The New England Province of Jesuits is also grateful to Boston College graduates Shane Ulbrich, for recording, editing and producing the Advent reflection podcasts and Peter Weicher for providing the music.

Additional Advent Resources

Novena of Masses: Christmas Cards from the New England Province of Jesuits

Have a Novena of Masses said by the Jesuits, between Christmas and New Year's in honor of or in memory of friends, family, and loved ones: a meaningful gift.
Request Christmas Novena and Mass Cards

Weekly Advent Reflections by Fr. Joseph O'Keefe, SJ

Read weekly Advent reflections from Fr.  Joseph O'Keefe, SJ, interim director of the Center for Ignatian Spirituality at Boston College:

Advent Discernment Series

Ignatian-focused blog "God in All Things" is presenting a four-week Advent series on Ignatian discernment.  Each Saturday, there will be a new reflection posted and emailed, examining Ignatian discernment and decision-making in the light of the Mystery of the Incarnation. The information on the series will be live at this link on 11/25:

Daily Advent Reflections on Catholic Social Teaching

The Jesuit Social Research Institute is publishing daily written reflections on Catholic Social Teaching in the context of Advent for every week-day during the liturgical season.  Read the daily reflections at:

Daily Advent Retreat from Jesuit Refugee Services

First developed for JRS' 30th anniversary in 2010, the online Advent retreat allows participants to reflect prayerfully on the ways in which we discover the presence of God in our ministry with refugees and displaced persons.  It involves daily reflections available on their website.

Directory of Advent Resources by Loyola Press

Loyola Press has an organized compendium of other Advent resources including activities, calendars, prayers, and more on their website

Finding God Even in Waiting

Fr. Anthony SooHoo, SJ reflects on Advent giving meaning to the waiting in our everyday lives as well as our spiritual waiting.  Read more >

Sacred Music for Advent

The Ignatian Schola is a Manhattan-based vocal ensemble composed of Jesuits and lay colleagues and rooted in Ignatian spirituality. Listen to their musical meditation for Advent, "Comfort, Comfort, O My People". 

USCCB's Advent Resources

         The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website offers a variety of advent resources including a calendar, links to the daily readings, antiphons, and more at:

        USCCB Facebook Asks: How Do You Prepare for Christmas?

 Catholics are asked “How do you prepare for Christmas?” and encouraged to share photos in exchange for a new book series on Pope Francis from the U.S. Conference of  Catholic Bishops (USCCB). To enter the contest, users should visit

Advent Retreat from Sacred Space and Pray As You Go

            "The God who is to come" is the theme of the meditation series for Advent, a collaboration of Sacred Space and Pray As You Go.

Daily Advent Reflections from the editors at America magazine

Sign up for daily Scripture reflections at






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